Supermoon 2023 Timings, Date & Time, How to Watch Sturgeon Moon 

August 2023 will be called the most extravagance with 2 Supermoons in a single month. The month will start and end with supermoons. The Supermoon 2023 will occur on 1 August 2023 which will be larger and brighter than the normal full moon. The Supermoon Timings 2023 is 12.02 AM as per the IST. The Supermoon 2023 Significance can be checked from the post below. Individuals will get the details on How to Watch Sturgeon Moon 2023 through this article. One can get the details on Supermoon 2023 Remedies and the other related details from this article. The Supermoon holds a very important significance with itself.

Supermoon 2023 Timings

Supermoon 2023 also known as the new moon or the full moon occurs generally when the moon comes the closest to the earth. It is also known as the Sturgeon Moon which will rise in the East in the mid night. The Sturgeon supermoon will be the first of the two supermoons which will rise this year. The super moon is generally seen after 3 years and the next supermoon can be expected by 2026. The name Sturgeon was kept on the name of the North American Fish which was abundant in the Great Lakes. The main reason why the full moon is called the Supermoon is when the sunlit side of the moon is nearest to the sun and the Earth. When the Moon’s orbit is closest to the Earth’s Surface then the supermoon tends to arise. The supermoon is larger than the full moon and appears 7% higher than the normal full moon. With the passing night, the moon will appear higher. 

August 2023 will be witnessing two of the four supermoons. The First Supermoon 2023 will be seen on Tuesday at midnight of 1 August 2023. The moon will be visible around 12:02 AM in India. Each country will have their different time for the visibility of the moon. On August 30, 2023 the other Supermoon known as the Blue supermoon will be seen which will not be seen till the next 9-10 years. The moon will be 8% larger and 16% brighter than the regular full moon. The various cultures will have various names for this full moon. Some will be related to agricultural activities, some to natural phenomena and some to the seasonal changes. Generally each month a single full moon but there may be times when 2 full moons occur in a single month. 

Supermoon 2023 Date & Time Overview

Moon name Supermoon 
Other name Sturgeon Moon 
Supermoon 2023 SignificanceBring changes in lives 
Date 1 August 
Year 2023
Time 12:02 AM IST 
2nd supermoon nameBlue Moon 
Supermoon date 30 August 2023
Post type News
The witnessing of two supermoons in the same month is a rare event. The same scenario has occurred in 2018 and is said to not occur again till 2037. August 1, 2023 will mark some transformative powers of the Full Moon. The journey towards the next full supermoon at the end of August 2023, there can be changes which will take place in our lives. 
Supermoon 2023

Supermoon 2023 Timings

Country Supermoon Time 
London 6:33 PM
LA 10:33 AM
New York 1:33 PM
USA 1:33 PM

Supermoon 2023 Date & Time In India

In India in August 2023, two supermoons will rise. The first Supermoon 2023 will be visible today i:e on 1 August 2023 when the moon will be closest to the Earth and will be much larger and brighter than the normal fool moon. In India Supermoon 2023 will rise at 12:02 AM. The second full moon on the same day will be seen on 30 August 2023 which will be the second supermoon in the same month. 

Supermoon 2023 Significance

The Supermoon 2023 holds a special significance when seen from an astrological perspective. Each moon carries a very important significance which some may understand but some ignore. The Supermoon 2023 Significance may be related to various cultures. Some may take it as seasonal changes while some may relate it to agricultural activities. The significance of the supermoon is that it signifies some changes as well as transformation and new beginnings. The supermoon is considered as the best time to change intentions or to set up new ones and release the negative energies.

How to Watch Sturgeon Moon 2023

  • The Skygazers will witness the first supermoon on 1 August 2023 in almost all the areas.
  • To Watch Supermoon 2023 the skygazers will be requiring some binoculars.
  • They usually don’t repeat the same binoculars as were used earlier.
  • Usually the special equipment to watch the phenomenon is not required.
  • One can watch Sturgeon Moon 2023 through a clear and less polluted area around them. 

Sturgeon Moon 2023 Remedies

The following Supermoon 2023 Remedies must be followed by all.

  • One shall prepare Kheer on the full moon night of which the first offering shall be to Lord Vishnu.
  • When your relationship is not good with your partner, you must meet them on the day of the supermoon.
  • To avoid mental stress and depression, offer water to the full moon.
  • Try to make your mother happy and not quarrel with her.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Clean your house and decorate it with flowers to let the positive energy in.
  • To bring abundance in your life, bring wind chime on the full moon night.
  • Present Morpank to Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna.
Sturgeon Moon 2023

Supermoon 2023 Dates

Name Date 
Super Buck Moon 3 July 2023
Super Sturgeon Moon 1 August 2023
Super Blue Moon 30 August 2023
Super Harvest Moon 29 September 2023

Basic Queries On Supermoon 2023

What is a Supermoon?

A supermoon is the full moon which occurs when the Moon’s Surface is the closest to the Earth.

When will the first Supermoon 2023 be seen?

The first Supermoon 2023 will rise on 1 August 2023.

What is the Supermoon Timings 2023 in India?

The Supermoon Timings 2023 12:02 AM IST .

When will the next Supermoon 2023 rise?

The second Supermoon 2023 will rise on 30 August 2023.

What is the Supermoon 2023 Significance ?

The Supermoon 2023 Significance is to set new intentions and release some negative energy.

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