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The NHAI has launched a citizen centric application known as Rajmarg Yatra App which provides the travelers with the real time information. The ones who usually travel to National Highways may fail to get certain information which may lead to problems. So for the benefits of the commuters, the application has been launched. The Rajmarg Yatra App Download can be done by both the Android as well as the iOs users. One can check the NHAI Rajmarg Yatra App Features along with the other significant details regarding the application through this article. 

Rajmarg Yatra App

The National Highway Authority of India has launched a new application on 5 August 2023 for the benefit of the citizens. The app is made available online and can be downloaded on the mobile devices which will be helpful while traveling on National Highways. The application is user friendly and is available in both Hindi and English language so that every user can access this application. When it comes to what this application basically does, it can be said that the application is helpful for those commuters who basically travel to National Highways and generally face difficulties due to lack of amenities or details. The Rajmarg Yatra App Features have a bunch of information which will make your travel safe and hassle free. Usually people fail to locate the weather conditions or generally get stuck in traffic, so for those travelers, NHAI has provided the mobile application which is available for both Android as well as iOs users. The application is free of cost and can be downloaded by all. 

The Rajmargyatra App will provide all the comprehensive data and will serve as the complaint redressal mechanism. One will get the information related to National Highways traffic, weather forecast, restaurants, lodges, nearest filling stations, fast tag integration and other related details. One can also get the details on the overspeeding or other details as to maximum speed limit. One will receive the notification or a voice recording in case they are over speeding. Through this application one will get the details on How To Rajmarg Yatra App Download and what are the Rajmarg Yatra App Features of the application. To have a safe and happy travel, one must download the application on their device and get all the details relating to the application which has been launched for the safe travel of commuters.

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Rajmarg Yatra App Overview

The citizens of India are able to NHAI Rajmarg Yatra App Download on their devices. The application can be downloaded by both Android and IOS users and the citizens can avail all the benefits from this application. The below mentioned table has provided the content in an easy form for the ease of the viewers.

Application name Rajmarg Yatra 
Users Android and IOS
Languages Hindi and English
Launched on 5 August 2023
Launched by National Highway Authority of India
Motive To provide details to the travelers
Grievance redressal Yes
Charges NIL
Facilities Toll plaza, petrol pumps, amenities, fast tag and other details 
Post type News
Rajmarg Yatra App

Rajmarg Yatra App Features

The following are the Rajmarg Yatra App Features serves:

  • Comprehensive Highway Details: the major function of this app is, it is a customer centric application which provides them with the details regarding their travel. Ones traveling on the National Highways can get the details on the toll plazas that might come in their route, nearest petrol pumps, lodges if they wish to take some rest and the refreshments like restaurants and other details all combined in a single application.
  • Free Complaint Redressal: The other feature of this application is that it helps the travelers to make a complaint if they had any problem in their travel or on the Highways. They can also attach the geo-tagged videos along with the photos for better clarity and the complaints are transferred to higher authorities if any issue remains unresolved.
  • Fast-tag Services: The other benefit that a single platform provides is the linkage to various banking authorities which allows the users to recharge their Fast-Tag without any delay. The travelers can even get monthly passes at less cost making their travel hassle free. 
  • Over-Speeding Notification: The foremost important benefit of this platform is to get timely notifications on the overspeeding. In case one has driven more than the limit, they will get the notification or a voice message to tell them to reduce their speed limit.
  • Userfriendly: The application has been designed as being user friendly for all the users. It can be used anytime and is available in both Hindi and English. One can get all the comprehensive information required in their travel on a single platform only. The application is available on both App Store as well as Google Play Store.
  • Promoting Transparency in Grievance Redressal: The most important feature that the application serves is it promotes transparency while working with the complaints. The users and the authorities’ data remains safe and without letting the other party know who the complainant is. 
  • Weather Forecast: The major issue that travelers face while traveling is the weather changes. At the time they have started their journey, the weather might be clear but in the middle of their trip, the weather may turn bad. To avoid any hindrance, the travelers shall visit the app and get the weather related updates.

Process To Download NHAI Rajmarg Yatra App For iOs

  • On your iOs Phone, open the App Store.
  • Now in the search engine: Type Rajmarg Yatra App.
  • Now click on the GET tab and the Rajmarg Yatra App Download will start on your device.
  • Now after the downloading has been started, wait for it to complete and then let the installation start.
  • Once the installation is over, you will be able to have access to this application.

How To Download Rajmarg Yatra App for Android Users

  • On your mobile phone, open Google Play Store.
  • Now search “Rajmarg Yatra” Application in the search box.
  • Now click on the Rajmarg Yatra App Download tab and the application will start downloading.
  • After downloading is over, the installation process will start. 
  • Now once the application has been installed, you can easily access the application on your device.

Basic Queries on NHAI Rajmarg Yatra App

When was the Rajmarg Yatra App Launched?

The Rajmarg Yatra App was launched on 5 August 2023.

Who has launched the Rajmarg Yatra App?

The Rajmarg Yatra App was launched by (NHAI) National Highway Authority of India.

In which languages is the Rajmarg Yatra App provided?

The Rajmarg Yatra App can be used in both Hindi and English languages.

On which platform is the NHAI Rajmarg Yatra App available?

The NHAI Rajmarg Yatra App is available on both Android and iOs platforms.

What is the purpose of the Rajmarg Yatra App?

The major purpose of Rajmarg Yatra App is to provide the commuters with all the details regarding their travel like: nearest petrol pumps, toll plazas, fast-tag recharge, weather forecast and other related details. 

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