Gadar 2 Box Office Collection, Day 1 Earnings, Reviews, Total Collection

The Gadar 2 movie was released worldwide on 11 August 2023 is a Hindi-language action drama film which has been produced by Anil Sharma. The movie is sequel to Gadar Ek Prem Katha having the lead roles as same as that in the first movie. The Gadar 2 Box Office Collection will be known after the movie has been run successfully. The Gadar 2 Day Wise Collection will be known after the completion of every day. It has earned 40 crore on the opening day. Through this article, one can collect the details on the Gadar 2 Total Earnings, Gadar 2 Reviews, Gadar 2 Star Cast and other related details. One should read the complete article to get the updates on the total earnings of the movie.

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection 

The latest theatrical release of the movie was made on 11 August 2023 which is a Hindi-language action drama film. The movie is a sequel of Gadar: Ek Prem Katha which was released in 2001. Part 2 was made after 22 years having the same star cast in the movie. The movie has been written and produced by Anil Sharma. The star cast of the movie includes Sunny Deol, Ammesha Patel and Utkarash Sharma. The movie revolves around the character Tara Singh who goes missing on the border and his family is believed to be imprisoned in Pakistan. But later, his son goes to find him but is unable to find him in Pakistan, which in return makes him imprisoned in Pakistan and is tortured by the Pakistani Soldiers who want revenge from Tara for eliminating their 40 men during his escape with his wife Sakeena. Tara then pledges to save his son from the Pakistani Soldiers. 

Since there is a huge craze among the fans, the movie has already earned Rs 4 crores from the advance booking. Since the movie has been released, the fans are eyeing on the Gadar 2 Box Office Collection of the same. The Gadar 2 Total Earning is expected to be more than Rs 100 crores. The expected Gadar 2 Day 1 Collection can be said to be around Rs 15 crores. The movie will be a superhit when it earns more than Rs 100 crores as the budget is of 100 crores. Now one should read this complete article to know the day earnings along with the Gadar 2 Total Earning. One can check the star cast along with the other details regarding the movie. 

Gadar 2 Day 1 Total Earnings Overview

Movie nameGadar 2
Producers Anil Sharma 
Director Anil Sharma 
Production Company Zee Studios, Anil Sharma Productions, MM Movies 
Cinematography Najeeb Khan 
Cast Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma 
Language Hindi 
Country India 
Editor Ashfaque Makrani and Sanjay Sankla 
Distribution partner Zee Studios 
Release date 11 August 2023
Running time 170 minutes 
Budget 100 crores 
Music by Mithoon 
Gadar @ Day 1 Collection (Expected)Rs 15 crore 
Gadar 2 Box Office Collection 550 Crore Till 06-09-2023
Post type News

The latest release of the movie has been awaited for a long time by the excited fans. The Gadar 2 fan following is so much that it took 3 years for the movie to be produced. The movie was expected to shoot in 2020 but due to Covid the shooting got delayed.

Gadar 2 Box Office Collection

Gadar 2 Star Cast

  • Sunny Deol
  • Ameesha Patel
  • Utkarsh Sharma 
  • Manish Wadhwa 
  • Gaurav Chopra 
  • Luv Sinha 
  • Simrat Kaur
  • Madhumalti Kapoor
  • Rakesh Bedi
  • Mushtaq Khan
  • Dolly Bindra 
  • Rajshree 
  • Naresh Sharma
  • Mushtaq Kak
  • Nilofar Gesawat
  • Akash Dhar 
  • Lubna Salim 
  • Ehsam Khan 
  • Anamika Singh 
  • Abrar Zahoor 

Gadar 2 Reviews

Due to the high fan following of the movie, the movie had earned Rs 4 crores through the advance bookings. The fans were so excited with the trailer that they had already pre booked their tickets. The Gradar 2 Reviews can be checked through the various news portals. The movie is expected to cross its budget limit and is expected to leave its mark of a superhit movie in the Hindi Cinema. To check the reviews of the movie, one can check the Gadar 2 Star Ratings from the table below.

Gadar 2 Star Ratings 

Portal Gadar 2 Star Ratings
IMDB7 out of 10
TOI 2.5 out of 5
HT 4.5 out of 5
To check the Gadar 2 Audience Ratings, refer to the following table. 93% users liked the film and they have given 4.7 ratings, else the portal wise ratings can be checked from the table.

Gadar 2 Day 1 Earnings

The movie has a run time of 2 hours and 50 minutes with all the genre action thrillers. The movie was made under the budget of Rs 100 crores and the total earnings can be estimated after 1 week of the movie earnings. The Gadar 2 Day Wise Earning can be checked every day after the movie has been run.

Gadar 2 Day Wise Earnings

Day Gadar 2 Day Wise Collection- National
140 Crore
225 Crore
360 Crore
408 Crore
518 Crore
607 Crore
706 Crore
809 Crore
911 Crore
10 12 Crore
The Gadar 2 Day Wise Collection can be checked through the following table.

Basic Queries On Gadar 2 Box Office Collection

When did Gadar 2 release?

The movie Gadar 2 was released on 11 August 2023.

Under how much budget has Gadar 2 been made?

The budget of Gadar 2 is Rs 100 crores.

Who are the main star cast in Gadar 2?

Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel and Uttkarsh Sharma are the main leads in Gadar 2.

What is the genre of Gadar 2?

The genre of Gadar 2 is based on action – thriller.

Who directed Gadar 2?

Gadar 2 has been directed by Anil Sharma.

What is the expected Gadar 2 Day 1 Collection?

Gadar 2 Day 1 collection can be expected to be rs 15 crores.

Who is the distribution partner of Gadar 2?

The distribution partner of Gadar 2 is Zee Studios.

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