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Conjunctivitis of Pink Eye is usually caused by the viral infection which leads to redness in the eye. The major Conjunctivitis Symptom is the redness in the eye or itching. It can easily be spread from one individual to the other just by touching. For the Eye Flu Conjunctivitis Treatment one is advised to visit the doctor and get proper precautions. The ones who are worried about the flu can read the complete article as we have compiled all the details on Conjunctivitis Medicine, Conjunctivitis Prevention, Conjunctivitis Contagious and other related details. Through this article you can get to know all the details regarding the virus for which every human is worried about.

Conjunctivitis Symptoms

Conjunctivitis generally known as the Pink Eye is the viral infection caused in the eyes. It is the condition which causes redness in the eyes along with the inflammation of a thin layer which generally covers the front part of the eye. Conjunctivitis is usually formed of blood vessels and once these blood vessels become more swollen they become more irritated and visible. The white part of the eye appears to be red and pink. It is mostly caused by the viral infection or the bacterial infection. The pink eye can be very irritating and it can affect the vision of the eyes. Since the eye flu or pink eye is very contagious it becomes very important that one gets proper Pink Eye Treatment and one limits its spreadness as it spreads very fast from person to person. 

The major Conjunctivitis Symptoms which one can see is the redness in either one or both the eyes or forming of crust usually at night which may prevent the eyes from opening in the morning. One should have proper Conjunctivitis Prevention for the same as soon as they get to know about the disease to help it from spreading any further. For the ones who are habitual of wearing the contact lenses as soon as they find its Conjunctivitis Symptoms as it may cause severe problems later on. The major reason with which it is caused is the viruses, bacterias or the chemical splashing in the eyes. Since it is a contagious form of flu, it is advisable that one should get the proper Pink Eye Treatment for it from time to time and shall avoid any sort of delay in the treatment. Good general hygiene and proper eye care will help you to get rid of this problem soon.


Conjunctivitis Eye Flu Treatment Overview

Flu Name Conjunctivitis
Type of Flu Eye Flu 
Conjunctivitis SymptomsRedness and itching in eyes 
Conjunctivitis CausesBacterial or viral infection 
Pink Eye Prevention Washing eyes and hands properly
Risk factor Loss of vision 
Complication Eye pain, blurred vision 
Conjunctivitis MedicineAntibiotics and Steroids 
Contagious Spread from person to person 
Post type News

The Pink Eye or the Eye Flu is generally caused by viral or bacterial infection and generally spreads from person to person. The Pink Flu can spread very fast if you touch your eye and then touch the same hand to some other person. The following table will guide you through the brief details on the eye flu which is most commonly spreading nowadays.

Symptoms of Conjunctivitis

Following are the Conjunctivitis Symptoms:

  • Pink or red eyes
  • Gritty feeling in eyes
  • Itching in eyes
  • A huge amount of tears
  • Discharge
  • Swelling in eyelids
  • Crusting of the eyelids usually in the morning
  • An urge to rub the eyes
  • Contact lenses if wearing don’t stay in a single place. 
Symptoms of Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis Causes

Type Cause Description 
Infectious Bacteria Caused by staphylococcal or streptococcal bacteria. Occurs with touching eyes with hands or sharing makeup or having a physical contact 
Virus Caused by cold viruses or through someone having respiratory infections. 
Allergic It can be caused if someone comes in contact with a substance they are allergic to. One giant papillary Conjunctivitis is formed 
Chemical Caused due to:Chlorine in poolsAir pollutionExposure to other chemicals 

Conjunctivitis Contagious 

Conjunctivitis is very contagious. It usually spreads from person to person very fast if one touches their eyes with hands and directly touches the other person and the same person touches their eyes with their hands. 

Conjunctivitis Symptoms

Eye Flu Diagnosis

The Conjunctivitis Diagnosis is usually done by performing some tests like:

  • Vision test to see if there is any effect on vision
  • Examination of External eye tissue
  • Examination of inner eye tissue 
  • Conjunctival tissue smear 
  • Other tests as may be required 

Pink Eye Treatment 

Cause or Type Pink Eye Treatment
Chemical Rinsing your eyes with saline water or topical steroids are given 
Bacterial Antibiotics and ointments for children
Viral Antiviral treatments 
Allergic Antihistamine to stop inflammation Loratadine and diphenhydramine Anti inflammatory eye drops 
Home remedies Warm compress or eye drops 
Pink Eye Symptoms In Babies

Conjunctivitis Prevention 

  • Avoid touching your eyes with unwashed hands.
  • Wash your hands with soap on regular intervals.
  • Use a tissue or towel to wash your eyes
  • Avoid sharing any eye cosmetics
  • Wash pillow cases frequently
  • Avoid sharing towels
  • Wash your towels frequently
  • Get your eye cosmetics replaced after the infection is over
  • Take proper medications 

Conjunctivitis Natural Treatment

  • Take probiotics and Vitamin A, K, C and B rich diet
  • Wash your sheets regularly
  • Take zinc supplements
  • Apply cold compress on your eyes
  • Rinse your eyes with clean water
  • Take proper sleep
  • Get yourself hydrated
  • Remove contact lenses during night

Eye Infection Doctor’s Care

When a person suffers from Pink Eye they shall take Doctors care in case of the following causes:

  • Increase in sensitivity to eyes
  • Decrease in vision 
  • Eye pain
  • Redness in eyes
  • When you feel something is stuck in your eyes
  • Getting discharge from eyes
  • Worsening of Conjunctivitis Symptoms

Conjunctivitis Complications

The major Eye Flu Complication is that the Pink eye may cause cornea which can affect your vision. One should take proper precautions and get proper Pink Eye Treatment if you are suffering with this problem. 

Basic Queries On Conjunctivitis Symptoms

What is the other name for Conjunctivitis?

The other name for Conjunctivitis is Pink Eye or Eye Flu.

How contagious is the Pink Eye?

The Pink Eye is very Contagious as it spreads easily from person to person.

What is the major symptom for Conjunctivitis?

The major symptom of Conjunctivitis is redness in the eye or swelling in eyes.

What are various types of the Conjunctivitis flu?

The various types of Conjunctivitis are infectious, allergic or chemical.

What is the Conjunctivitis Diagnosis?

Conjunctivitis can be diagnosed with a vision test or examination of the inner tissue of the eyes.

What is the natural Conjunctivitis Treatment?

The natural Conjunctivitis Treatment includes: washing your hands, rinsing your eyes with saline water, cold compress and others mentioned above.

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